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Your Gateway to Southern Africa

& Germany



South African and German duo Roxanne and Michael Kreutle are the team behind AGinstitute.

A South African business with operations in both South Africa and Germany. 


Our areas of expertise are:

Employment bridge

  • Applicants from South Africa for apprenticeships in Germany

  • Skilled workers from South Africa for direct placement in German companies

Market Research, Business and Sales Strategies, Coaching and Mediation

Meet the Team


Live and Work in Germany 

Ausbildung/Dual System

Ausbildung aka the Dual System in Germany, this program offers South Africans a placement with a German company, allowing them to acquire experience in an artisanal field while simultaneously working and studying. 

Skilled Workers

Are an artisan or a skilled worker? We can set up interviews with a range of businesses.

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Other Services

Business &
Sales Strategies

We`ll provide a tailored solution to help grow your business. Our expertise and local insights can help unlock your business potential in one or both markets

Market Studies

The importance of understanding local markets is paramount to success. We can offer thorough market research for your product/brand in South Africa and Germany. 

Coaching & Mediation

The MenschenRaum coaching method is based on two fundamental ideas and supports change at an organizational and personal level. The aim of business coaching is to accompany and support companies and people in achieving their respective goals and realizing their potential.

Conflicts between people affect companies just as much as friendships and partnerships. Mediation brings movement into a conflict - and often also a solution. Trusting, respectful, neutral and goal-oriented.




Germany: +49 176 4603 5665 / +49 172 696 8829

South Africa: +27 848 521 447 (WhatsApp only)

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